Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Miracle of Music and Healing

It has been many months since I have posted here and in those months, I have learned more about my Heavenly Father and my Savior than I knew in all the years previous. It is incredible to me the knowledge that comes when we tune our heart and mind to the beautiful music of the gospel. This statement is not just figurative, it is literal. 

The Power of Music

I have learned that music is not only soothing, it is healing and when we make it a habit to listen to those beautiful songs that are praising God, we are literally tuning our hearts to the music of heaven.  We are removing the darkness from within ourselves and becoming more fully, a child of light. 

Music speaks to the heart of all of God’s children. It is literally written in our DNA. Studies have proven that every cell in our body moves at a certain frequency. This movement echoes back those sounds that are heard and will either be for our good or our devastation. When good music is played, it resonates with the movement that is within us.  When a negative beat is played, it creates dissonance and causes a conflict from within where anger, hate and sadness become a direct result. In essence, music is a direct portal to living a life of peace and happiness or one of sadness and anger.

If we choose to listen to music that is soothing to the soul, we are not only filling our soul with light, but we are literally healing our body, mind and spirit. Music can remove anger, hate, depression and sadness and replace it with joy, love, peace and gladness. It will lift our bodies to a higher state of being. This is also true of words and the tone in which we say them.

The Power of Words

When words are directed to us with a negative tone, our body’s natural response is fight or flight. But if the tone is softer and more encouraging, and the words are more kind and loving, love becomes the natural result. It is truly amazing to think about. It has been said that kind words are sweet tones of the heart, and they truly are. Words are healing, music is healing, and when the two are combined, we are given the power to truly heal not only our own soul, but the soul of everyone around us. 

I encourage you to begin listening to those songs that speak peace to your soul, for those are the melodies your body longs to hear for its own natural healing. You will discover that your body, mind and spirit will be lighter, happier and brighter until you are enveloped in the arms of God’s love and glorious light.  

Here is a beautiful song that I want to leave you with in the hopes that you will feel the power of its music and words, and choose to increase the music in your own life.