Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mormons and mental illness | Mormon Times

Mormons and mental illness | Mormon Times


Brewer's Ink said...
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Brewer's Ink said...

I just finished reading your book today. Thank you! Though you and I do not face the same challenges, many of the feelings are similar. I too love a family member who suffers from mental illness, and from shadows in his newly developing life before I was given the chance to be his mother. It is hard. Everyday is hard, and is taxing on the emotions. Still, through it all, I love him. What you wrote, and the raw feelings that you surely had to revisit as you wrote, are greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing the "secret," and allowing us, your fellow "brothers and sisters" to love you, to love your family, and to love your mother. Reading your story has calmed my nerves, and has caused me to want to reach out to my son in more love and tenderness. Thank you!

Tiffany Fletcher said...

Thank-you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me. I wish you the best of luck in your relationship with your son. Although I am sure there are tough times ahead, I hope it brings you peace to know that God is very much aware of you and your son. You are both His children and He will hold both of you in the palm of His hands.

Debbie said...

I was so touched by your book, I also was diagnosed with MPD/PTSD in 1992
I have had many different doctors and therapist that haven't understood mental illness. It has been a journey for me and my husband of 38 yrs and my 3 sweet children. (I recently lost my 34yr old son to a brain death injury during back surgery) but we all know that God loves us and carries us thru the trials we face. I have my alters in a very safe place, but it took many years to learn to listen to them and what they took for me during abusive situations as a young girl. I have learned to love them as myself. Yes I am mormon and have drawn upon Heavely Father's love and counsel and many blessings over the years. I appreciate your mother and that we both stopped the train wreck of abuse, so that our children and grandchildren can have the right to the beautiful lifes we all deserve. Thank you Tiffany for writting this book. I have a book written in my computer about my life and what it was and is like to be like your sweet mother. I hope to bring light into those that are judgmental of us. "They do not know the inner workings of her heart and soul, for in a well fought battle, they may only faint.... " I hope to publish it someday soon.
Thank You and May God's choice blessings be upon your family memebers. She really did love you !
Debbie Johnson